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Toosh Bulk Furniture Curation was established in 2017 as Toosh Seating, and is owned and managed by Siobhan Rodgers.


Siobhan is an established commercial interior designer, registered with SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural Profession) with over 15 years experience in commercial and hospitality architectural design.


The business began procuring and selling furniture to design clients, mainly franchise restaurant stores. The more projects we fulfilled, the more the business organically grew.


South African restaurateurs talk amongst themselves, and word spread of Toosh’s commitment to deadlines, quality and affordable pricing.

Many commercial designers are now clients of Toosh. Siobhan is taking a step back from interior design to better apply her skills and knowledge of commercial environments to hospitality furniture design and procurement. Working hand in hand with a variety of factories and suppliers to onward sell their products or custom design new and improved offerings for our clients.


The business is now 6 years old and has successfully delivered over 58 furniture projects.

Prototyping by Toosh

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