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With a strong background in commercial interior design, Toosh Seating offers customers an all-in-one furniture curation and procurement package. We offer procurement of buy-out or stock items and assist where items may not be readily available with the closest matching design available to meet your lead time. 

Toosh Seating is also able to manufacture to order based on a reasonable quantity being required. This involves a detail drawing being supplied along with fabric and finishes swatches for you or your client to sign off on. 

Where your furniture design item might be a bit more intricate we are able to offer a prototype for final tweaking and sign off prior to commencing bulk manufacture. 

Take your interior projects to the next level and request assistance with recommendation and preparing of your furniture schedule to fit the budget, with the piece of mind that all, furniture, designs, finishes, fabrics and fittings specified will go the distance in a commercial environment. 

Get in touch for a quote or to enquire about our services and trade offerings. 

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